6 tips, tricks and cheats to get through medical and dental courses


The study of medicine, as we all know is back-breaking and extremely challenging. Students have to undergo the bachelors in medicine (MBBS) for 5-years or other medical courses like BDS, BHMS etc. Most students after completing the graduation course, go for their MD in order to make a name for themselves in the field of medicine.

Since in today’s times, its not only important to put in hard work, it is equally important to work smartly. For this, we have discussed with a lot of medical students on how a students can plan and manage better during their medical studies and perform better in assessment exams.

Here are the top 6 tips that most of these students advised:

1Familiarize yourself with the nomenclature and terms

Most of the medical terms are based on either Greek or Latin and this can be easily achieved by looking at the STEM of the word. Most terms can be broken down into two or more smaller terms, for example: PATHOGENIC, the root term “patho” refers to disease and “genic” refers to producing or causing, thereby giving the word the meaning “capable of causing disease”.

2Differentiate and Relate

While studying any new concept, try to relate it to a similar concept “How this is similar to” and also, try to differentiate it from other concepts “How this is different from”. Since medicine is replete with examples of duality and have many disease processes that overlap each other, so this method will enable you not to get confused while studying.

3Structure & plan

Medical studies are comparatively massive and can intimidate anyone as it starts and builds on complicated concepts. The best practice is to take one general topic and list all its related topics beneath it in an excel sheet. Also, ensure that you keep your diagrams short and concise so that you are able to revise and review quickly whenever you require.

4Analyze and manage

When you start with a new subject, review the entire course curriculum, as there may be certain concepts that you might have studies earlier. This will allow you to manage your time and plan clearly as to how much time you need to devote to each module. This is a great tip that came from a students now in his 3rd year at Maulana Azad Medical College, New Delhi.

5Choose your friends wisely and study in a group

The key here is to choose like-minded friends, who are at least as focused as you are when it comes to studies. Ideally, you should study in an isolated environment and use group discussion as means to clear any doubts that you may have.

6Create self-study notes and summaries

After reading through a new topic, it is always a good idea to create self-study notes. These enable you to review and review easily and also ensure that the new concept get registers clearly in your brain.

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