9 tips to tackle and survive ragging in Indian colleges


This one is for all those young ‘fuchchas’ with dreamy eyes who have just hanged their school uniforms and are super excited to enter a college. Each of them have a self-imagined sketch of what their college life would be like and the various experiences that it will bring with it. But wait. This fairytale has an anti-climax too! RAGGING.

Yes, ragging, which is a serious problem in some colleges may give you a rude shock as you start your first year. Though Ragging is a punishable offence in India but mostly due to unreported cases and lax implementation of law and order at the ground level, the offenders go scot free.

There are some colleges where the seniors have exceeded all limits while ragging the freshers – cases of suicides, alcohol consumption, stripping etc. have taken place. On the brighter side, there are some colleges where ragging per se is done mildly as a way of introduction of seniors with the fresh batch. All students meet each other, introductions take place and there’s song and dance.

There isn’t really a list of colleges which fall into category A or B. The key point here is to be alert at all times and keep the below pointers in mind specially during the first 6 months of your college:

1Be confident

Confidence is always appreciated. Don’t be too timid and shy, this may serve as weak point. Be confident and answer all the questions politely. Reflect an optimistic personality of yourself.

2Do not submit yourself beyond limits

Though things have changed over the past few years and in most colleges, now there’s only an interaction between the fresher’s and seniors in the name of ragging. But still, it is advisable to be aware when to stop. In case you witness any kind of verbal abuse or any offensive comment, try to ignore initially but if you are being targeted continuously it is advised to directly ask the authorities for help.

3Over-smartness can invite trouble

Nothing irritates seniors than over smartness. The simple trick to survive ragging is to maintain a level head on your shoulders when you are hauled up by your seniors.

4Don’t be too nasty

Many fresher’s invite trouble themselves. Avoid being too hostile. Remember not to misinterpret their friendly banter as an assault. If you are asked to give your introduction do it, there’s no harm in a healthy interaction.

5Socialize with your fellows

Make friends, talk to your counterparts who are also new to the college.  Ragging will seem evident if you get isolated. If you interact and have fellows with you the entire day, there’s a good chance you may avoid falling prey to hostile seniors and if even if you do, you at least have friends for company.

6Don’t stand out in the crowd

We agree it’s your first day of college and you must be excited but it is strongly advisable to dress up subtly and avoid being seen differently and standing out in a crowd. Don’t overdo things in order to be seen, you may be the first one to be targeted. Once the initial phase is over, you will get several opportunities to showcase yourself – fresher’s party and various other inter and intra college events etc.

7Maintain self-control

This one is for all the aggressive natured people. Keep calm in case you are hauled up by the seniors. They will pull your leg while interacting and may make some kind of an offensive remark which may trigger you but you need to absorb all the anger by yourself and remain calm, ignore and forget it.

8Sense of humour always helps

Seniors do get irritated when they encounter an overconfident lad but they get impressed by the smart ones too. So think while interacting with them. Don’t talk too much but make sense when you do!

9Don’t think too much about it

Relax! Ragging is just a healthy interaction. Your seniors are students too and eventually will help and guide you in the coming years. You will have some of your seniors as friends too. So there’s no need to be afraid of them.

In case things have gone too far and you are unable to cope with the undue pressure being put on you – there’s help at hand –

National Anti-Ragging Helpline
Phone No.: 1800-180-5522
Email: [email protected]

Lastly, understand that college life gives you new and exciting life experiences. Ragging is one of them. Take it sportingly and have a great time.

Originally posted 2016-07-13 15:47:47.


  1. “relax, ragging is just a healthy interaction ” you sound like you committed ragging yourself,
    Ragging is just a way for the weak to feel strong, perpetrators should be destroyed with no mercy
    (people have tried to rag me, but I resisted aggressively and it resulted with me getting expelled, I refuse to bow down to anyone, no matter how older they are)


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