6 Interesting Off-Beat Careers & Jobs for MBA Graduates in India that can Bring Punch to your Life


In the prevailing economic scenario, there are a plethora of career options to choose from after completing your MBA. Some students get a kick to drift themselves away from the crowd and do things differently. These MBA candidates defer from traditional career preferences and look towards the new off-beat yet interesting jobs and careers.

For those MBA students and pass-outs, who wish to get a wider perspective of what jobs and careers they can opt for after completing their MBA, this is the right place! Studynama brings five off beat yet interesting career options for MBA graduates in India:


This profession is not so eminent to MBA seekers, but it’s growing rapidly. Logisticians coordinate with others to accomplish a task, from aiding in disaster relief to organizing deliveries to customers. Students who enjoy project management and operations management courses, which are offered commonly in an MBA program, are well-suited for this role.

2Medical & Healthcare Managers

Statistics say that the demand in this field is expected to rise feverishly, growing at a rate of 17 percent between 2014 and 2024.They work to keep hospitals, nursing homes and other health centers operating smoothly and potent.

3Family Business & Entrepreneurship

Why use your skill to develop some other business when you can start your own? An MBA enhances your ability to be an entrepreneur. Be a fresh graduate or an experienced professional, choosing your career becomes easy with an MBA in your kitty.

4Disaster Management

Disaster management offers a highly responsible and challenging work profile. It requires in-depth planning and management skills in terms of managing chaos and getting things to normalcy quickly after an adversity. Our government understands and appreciates the job of a Disaster Management cell and hence has a group of experts working diligently towards averting any kind of disasters. This can be an interesting, yet an offbeat career profile for MBA candidates.


5Spa Management

Spa Management is emerging as a new and interesting offbeat career option for MBA students. You may work with a leading spa chain or start your own business in a big city, as most spa businesses thrive only in big cities.


If you are not interested in a hovering 9 to 5 job and have the will to teach you can opt for teaching in top universities as an career option. Now that you own a MBA degree you can teach a subject which attracts your interest and something you are best at. At the initial stages who will have to prove yourself at every stage but that is constant in any field you opt for. With upstanding communication skills and knowledge you can bag a good package for yourself in the top universities.

These off beat career options are suggested keeping in mind the fact that after holding an MBA degree you deserve good jobs which is equivalent to all your hard work you have put in two years.

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