Crack your first job interview – 10 tips and tricks to land your first job


The world is full of competition; everyone everywhere is in the race of being the best. There are thousands of freshers every year who pass out from college to get into the professional world, but a lot of smart planning and even smarter execution is required for being successful in this run.

Below are few tips which will help freshers in finding their first job.

1Design a crisp CV

CV which means curriculum vitae is your first impression to recruiter, so always focus on designing a perfect CV.

  • Use the latest format
  • List all your academic achievements
  • Highlight technical trainings (if any)
  • Contact details

2Make online account on different job search websites

You can get whatever you want in few clicks. Recruiters or companies hire employees online, through websites. So, it is advisable to register yourself to online job portals. Listed below are few examples for your reference.


These website list all the current job openings and then you can apply to many jobs online.

3Customize your online profile

Your online profile is a window to your recruiters. It may help them get an idea of your behavioral activity and your personality. So, customize your account on social networking sites, do remove the stuffs which may give a bad impression to your personality.

4Get training or internship first

Whenever you apply for job, the first question asked is about your experience (if any). This is an important criteria on which an applicant is shortlisted. Experience here doesn’t mean work experience; it means training experience. So, before holding a job profile, get some training so as to understand the professional environment and the working style.

5Research is very important

Before applying for job, it is important for an applicant to research about the company they are applying in. one must know what the company is all about, its aim, objective & its expectations from employees etc.

6Prepare for interview

Interview preparation is very important. Recruiters judge you keenly in interview and hence it is very important for you to present yourself in a proper manner during an interview. Prepare for basic questions to be asked such as your introduction and few things related to your profile.

7Maintain your posture

If you are being interviewed in-person and not on telephone, your posture will play a great role. Your way of entering the room, sitting posture and way you leave the room; everything is counted. So maintain a proper posture throughout the interview.

8Introduction plays a great role

Recruiters ask a question, “tell me something about yourself” usually people give a basic answer mentioning their name, home town, qualification details, interests etc. actually, they have nothing to do with such stuffs. “Tell me something about yourself” means they want to know about your recent qualification details, your work/ training experiences and your professional aim.

9Be true to interviewer

Never give any false information to your interviewer, if you don’t know any answer or are confused, it is better to frankly speak about it instead of giving wrong answer or telling a lie related to it; do remember, interviewer is smarter than you.

10Give them a reason to hire you

There are number of candidates applying for job, so the idea of the whole process is a reason why you must be hired and not anyone else. So, convince the interviewer to hire you by giving them a valid reason to hire you.

Finding a job in today’s world is easy, but getting it is really tough. So before applying for any job plan well. Prepare yourself in order to be a professional. Do remember, it is your optimism and your confidence which may lead you towards the doors of success, never feel dishearten as failure is a key to success!Hope, the tips mentioned above may help you in climbing the stairs of success.

Wish you luck!

Originally posted 2016-07-27 03:50:20.


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