10 tips to survive first year of college


Perhaps most of you would be having a rosy picture of your first year college life but the bitter truth is things don’t turn up that way in an engineering college. This was not meant to scare you but to give the forecast so that you don’t get blown off when you face reality in your college.

We share with you some really effective tips on how to survive your first year in an engineering college and make things easier.

1Strike a balance

Unlike the high school where good grades have come to you easily , you will have to earn them in college. While bunking classes and enjoying will seem more tempting during the first year make sure you balance your social and academic life well. So make sure you don’t miss out on your studies.

2Keep track of your money

Since now you’ll be all on your own, you need to understand the importance of “BUDGET”. You have to manage your expenses on your own. It is advisable to have an approximate calculation of all your requirements, maintain a expenditure sheet.

3Join clubs

With the start of the fresher’s year college societies like dance, music, theatre etc.  set themselves open to have some new entries. It is advisable that you join a society of your interest to trigger your personality and get some extra-curricular experience. Remember that this is as important as studies. Engaging in life skills activities will help you grow as an individual and extend the boundaries of your capabilities.

4Seniors are god sent

Initially you may not like seniors for the fact that they rag you or may be because you think they reflect extra ordinary superiority but give your hate some break because these superiors are the ones who will help you cross every hurdle especially in the first year. They will help you in having a course review of your branch, faculty review, the ins and out of the college, helping out on notes, exam patterns and what not. So don’t forget to have some “senior space” in your friend circle.

5Self studies

Once you are in the college you have to study by yourself, there will be no spoon feeding at graduation level. You may also choose to have group studies but unless you don’t study a particular topic on your own the base purpose of group studies will fail i.e. clearing doubts collectively with each other’s help.


Believe it when people say college life is nothing without friends. Make friends enjoy with them . Having a good friend circle is an important part of  your college life , so don’t miss out on all those opportunities to experience life in a creative world.

7Time management

As your first year starts the one thing you’ll fall short of every time is TIME itself. So instead of having a chaotic and stressful lifestyle choose to get managed . Manage your time according to your priorities and follow your time managing schedule strictly.

8Don’t miss out on the fun

It is your college life, don’t burden yourself with too much responsibilities and future aspirations . Enjoy your time in college , have fun  , make mistakes, learn, grow . It’s the whole experience at college that will make it count , not just the mechanical learning process.

9It is okay to be nervous

The evolution from a school student to a college one and starting to plan for your career are major life events. It’s normal to feel nervous and a bit scared. These feelings will pass as time flies and you get involved in your campus life.

10‘ME’ Time

In this fast pacing life which you have just entered, have some time for yourself too. Self introspection is an important aspect of growing. Do things that make you happy , take out some leisure time for yourself.

First year is just the beginning to the great experiences, so take whatever comes your way and move ahead. Hope you have a great start and even a better ending.

Originally posted 2016-07-31 16:52:16.


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