Last Minute IELTS Writing, Reading and Listening Test Preparation Tips for Band 7 & 8

last minute IELTS LRW tips for 7-8 band score

Last minute preparation forms the most vital part of your yearlong groundwork that you’ve been doing to clear IELTS examination. To run through the entire syllabus in a jiffy can be a tricky thing to do. Having a planned sketch can reduce the pre exam anxiety and help you use your full potential during the examination. So pack your schedule with the following to-do list before the examination. Below are the tips and tricks to pass each section of the test with flying colours.

1IELTS Writing Last Minute Preparation Tips

The foremost thing is to organize your time during the hour-long Writing Test. Giving 20 minutes to the first section and 40 minutes to the second is believed to be the best way to finish the section in time, keeping in mind that Task 2 is worth two-thirds of the total marks in the writing test. Don’t focus on Task 1 so that you have insufficient time to do Task 2. Distribute your time to each stage in the following manner;

  • Planning- 5-10 minutes
  • Writing- 20-30 minutes
  • Checking and editing- 5-10 minutes
  • Another point to be remembered is circling the key words to stay focused and including all the information requested in the bullet points.

2IELTS Reading Last Minute Preparation Tips

It’s always a good idea to seize control of the test and give yourself the option of doing the section you “like the look of” first. Time management is crucial in the reading section too. Devote 20 minutes to each of the three sections. Read through quickly, give no more than 5 minutes and solve the questions. It’s astounding that a lot of students make the most obvious mistakes either through nerves or carelessness.

3IELTS Listening Last Minute Preparation Tips

The most important thing to remember throughout the Listening Test is that every second counts, use your test profitably.  The most obvious mistakes committed by the student s are that they write the answers in the wrong space. Don’t forget basic grammar and write the answer in the required form. If the question demands you to write answers in true and false format, don’t give your answers as yes or no. The last thing to bear in mind is that the IELTS Listening Test gets progressively more difficult.

4Last Minute Preparation Tips Two Days Before the Examination

Starting your day with a full length practice test can be really helpful. Provide each section with a time limit, try and solve the questions, taking in care, the time you devote to each question. Once done, evaluate your answers and mark yourself. Solve few more tests and make notes of common mistakes and remind yourself of these mistakes before you appear for the exam.

5Last Minute Preparation Tips Just a Day Before the Examination

Listen to English news channels or English series. This will give you dual benefits;

  • It’ll calm your mind and remove excess pressure.
  • It’ll help you do “sentence mining”, which can markedly you help in the writing section.

Take a deep look at the notes you previously prepared and remind yourself of some expressions, sentence structures and arguments. Do not study anything new and focus on previously prepared sections.

6IELTS Test Day Tips

  • Arrive early.
  • Give a quick revision to the mistakes you did in the practice tests.
  • Stay calm. Remember, a calm mind can answer questions in a better manner and earn you more marks.
  • Relax and give a quick reading to the set of questions in each section.
  • Keep yourself hydrated.
  • Don’t spend too much time on a single question and move on to next question. Remember time management is the key.
  • Last but not the least; don’t forget to check your personal information before handling in your answer sheet!


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