How Many People in the US Study Abroad and What Are the Reasons for This?


The era of globalization has a very visible impact on the institution of higher education in all countries of the world, and in this, the United States cannot be an exception. Moreover, quite often American universities show early signs of these changes even before the globalization process fully reveals itself in other countries.

American universities are really very attractive to students and not only those who live in the country but also foreign ones. Studying in this country brings a number of benefits to a young person. If we talk about how many young people from the United States study abroad, it should be noted that this percentage is low and does not exceed 25% annually of the total number of applicants.  Of course, difficulties can arise during training, but young people easily overcome them thanks to the unique services of the essay writing service APlusEssay. This website is the most popular essay writing services today. It supports students who have difficulty completing the a+ essay.

The following review is devoted to the consideration of the peculiarities of the organization of education in the United States, as well as the characteristics of the lifestyle of American students. In analyzing these issues, we will rely on the opinion of experts of the essay writing service APlusEssay, since they have been cooperating with students for a long time (offer top essay writing services) and know this topic in detail.

Organization of Training

According to the specialists of the essay writing service APlusEssay, the process of admission to a US university begins in winter and early spring. Higher education institutions usually have their own admission procedure, which depends on the prestige and level of the college or university. Some universities may conduct entrance exams, and some may conduct interviews, tests, or competitions for school diplomas.

As the experts of the online essay writing service note, high school students apply to the desired college or several educational institutions in order to be able to choose in the future. Attached to the application is a high school report card and academic aptitude test (SAT), a nationwide standardized test recognized by nearly every college in the country. The writers, who work in the professional essay writing service APlusEssay, indicate that the report card is a priority. It gives a more complete picture and is less dependent on random luck. As an additional advantage, there can be letters from public and religious organizations, evidence of the student’s active extracurricular activities, such as participation in festivals, olympiads, sports. In addition, the applicant’s motivation for the professional choice made by him is also taken into account.

The experts of the top rated essay writing service also mention that universities in the US usually compete with each other for the best students, conduct campaigning activities. Educational institutions that are the most prestigious prefer to conduct a special competitive selection since the number of students exceeds the number of vacant places. The level of prestige of a university often depends on the teaching staff.

The study time in American universities, in contrast to European ones, is calculated in credit units. The semester course traditionally involves a lecture part, seminars and laboratory classes, reports and term papers are required. Students usually receive help in completing these assignments by contacting the reliable essay writing service APlusEssay since it provides good essay writing services. Moreover, it is rated as the most trustworthy essay writing service today.

Features of the Lifestyle of American Students

The main characteristic feature of the student lifestyle in the US is the fact that when teaching, universities strive to transfer to their students not only the store of knowledge but above all, experience in the labor sphere. For this, the student is provided with a wide range of opportunities to acquire interpersonal communication skills and self-realization during his free time.

According to the specialists of the professional essay writing service APlusEssay, the lifestyle of the American student largely reflects the peculiarities of the mentality of the country. The way of thinking, turned to pragmatism, determines such properties of student life as:

  • Rationalism;
  • Egalitarianism;
  • Conformism;
  • Liberalism, etc.

The universities cultivate such qualities as:

  • Independence in views;
  • Striving for success, expressed in material wealth;
  • Rational time management;
  • Efficiency;
  • Utility.

Thus, education looks like a stepping stone to the success of an American-minded person. That is why many people decide to study in the USA.


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