Top 10 technical or tech. fests in India, you just cannot miss


India has grown into an IT hub. Technologies have given a new color and shape to this country. There are number of colleges in India contributing to make our country a globally technology strong. This has now become a trend to update the society of new technologies. With some many fests being organized every year and limited spare time, it is important to identify tech fests which will add the most value to your intellect and resume. So, given below is a list of top techfests for you to visit:

1. Pragyan, NIT Tiruchirapalli

It is organised by the students of NIT Tiruchirapalli. The fest was started in the year 2005 with a slogan, “Let’s Celebrate Technology”. So, if you really want to see the magic of technologies, this is the place for you. Several events of this fest include:

  • Programming competition
  • Literary event such as quiz competition on latest technology & debate competition
  • Robotic event- Robo war
  • Management event- Dalal street
  • Gaming & fun events like water rocket & Aakriti
  • Workshops such as watsapp hacking and security workshop, robotic workshop

Other than this number of brain storming exhibitions are also held which would fill you with astonishment. The social responsibility of this event is to spread technical knowledge among students.

2. Axis, VNIT Nagpur

AXIS, one of the largest technical fest of central India; is held in VNIT, Nagpur in late September or early October. It started in the year 2004 and has now become one of the largest techfest.The festival catches its flow with its very first event i.e. Inauguration; which is addressed by overwhelming personalities from the field of science. In the past years, it had been addressed by Late Dr. APJ Abdul Kalam (2014) and Dr. Dinesh Keskar (2015).

Most popular events of this festival include:

  • Robotic events: Robo wars
  • Car Racing
  • Autobot
  • Robo cup
  • Aqua Hunt
  • Contraption
  • Construction and Designing event: This is an interesting event, in which chucked materials are used to design a model of a machine.
  • Software and Electronics: An event involving technical skills and enthusiasm as all night coding and designing of software is done.
  • School events: It welcomes school scientists from the schools of Nagpur to participate in several events such as quiz, model making, mathamaze etc.

And many other management, gaming and industry Interactive events are the part of this festival. Exhibition is the main attraction of this event. Workshops are organized which calls for huge mass to witness it. It updates students with latest technologies. The Social responsibility of this festival has been to enrich the technical knowledge and information all around and bring about some changes in society for its welfare. Some of the social events of Axis have been:

  • Eureka voice revolution
  • Graffiti drive craft a smile
  • Blood donation camp – Itni si khushi
  • Social event – Halla Bol

3. Techfest, IIT Bombay

It was started in the year 1998 by IITians of Bombay and has now grown into Asia’s largest science and technology festival. With the aim to provide a platform to the students to use and show their technical power, the festival stretches for three days, attracting not only the students but also the general public as well as corporate. Events of this festive include:

  • International robotic competition which witnesses the participation from all over the world such as: France, Russia, Egypt, Sri Lanka, Thailand, Pakistan, Sweden, Bangladesh, Nepal etc.
  • International Coding Competition
  • Robowar

Exhibition of Techfest are full of erudition. Other exiting events include Ozone and Techboholix, which are the fun part of the fest.Lectures have been delivered by notable personalities of India like Dr. APJ Abdul Kalam, CNR Rao and Amartya Sen who enlightened the students through their inspiring words and knowledge.Workshops were organized on Android App development, digital photography, bioinformatics and artificial intelligence. The social responsibility of this event is to educate people on relevant issues of society such as no smoking, right to information, women empowerment & go green initiative.

4. Ojas, BIT Durg

It is a technical, cultural as well as sports fest of Bhilai Inst. of technology, Durg  and held annually during end of February or start of March. It was started in the year 2011. Several amazing sports, cultural as well as technical events are organized during this festival including workshops and exhibitions to aware the students and update them about latest technologies.

5. Horizon, IGIT Sarang

It is an annual technical fest of IGIT, Sarang. Events such as exhibitions, lectures and workshop on ethical hacking, artificial intelligence, android app development are a part of this festival. Several informal events including gaming events such as, Gully Cricket, Scavengio, Trouble shooting, treasure hunt etc.  & cultural events such as battle of wars and DJ Pro nights have been adding a spice to this technical fest.

6. Gamaya, NSSCE,Kerala

It is an annual national technical fest of NSS College of Engineering, Palakkad, Kerela which started in the year 2010. It comprises of technical events such as:

  • Instrumentation & control engineering
  • Online events
  • workshops on various technical topics
  • Amazing Exhibitions and Seminars

7. Cognizance, IIT Roorkee

It is Asia’s largest tech fest of IIT Roorkee which started in the year 2003. Some major events of this fest include:

  • Online Events: Including an overnight coding competition Insomnia
  • Online treasure hunt: Illushun and Blogomania etc.
  • Robosapiens
  • Powerdrift: Car racing competition
  • Quizzotica: Quiz competition
  • Guest Lecture by famous personalities in the field of science, technologies & business such as, Alberto Levy, Victor Benno, CNR Rao and Vinita Bali.
  • Workshops on Hexapod: Android & virtual world
  • Msys Biometrics
  • Cyber forensics & search engine optimization

Exhibitions such as video face mapping, motion magix and gesture controlled device have made the fest a remarkable one.

8. Mindspark, College of engineering, Pune (CoEP)

It is a national level technical fest of College of engineering, Pune. It started in the year 2007 & today it has grown into one of the major crowd pulling festival with number of events such as:

  • Odyssey: An event to judge the technical knowledge of the participants
  • Technical championship
  • Workshop on recent launched technologies such as touch screen, cloud computing, robotics.
  • Guest Lecture by eminent personalities of science background such as Dr. Anil Kakodkar, Dr. Shiv Kumar and Dr. Arvind Gupta.

The Social responsibility of the fest lies upon empowering women and girl child, educating the under privileged children and providing the training of self defense to all.

9. Techspardha, NIT Kurukshetra

It is an annual fest of NIT Kurukshetra, it started in the year 1995 with the name Technospect, and later in 2013, it got its present name. It is organized in the month of February- March. Events of this fest include:

  • Managerial Event: The entrepreneurial skills of participants are judged on the basis of uniqueness of ideas, financial assessment of proposal and presentation skills
  • Robo wars
  • Vidhwaan: Presentation of power system design of India
  • Excalibur: Software development competition
  • Research : It involves research in the field of electrical, electronics and innovations in the field of computers, and then presentation of a paper on that research.
  • Quiz and puzzles: To test the aptitude of participants on different topics such as food, politics, inventions etc.

And several fun events to entertain the audiences.

10. Quark, BITS Pilani

Quark is one of the major technical events of the country which marked its beginning in the year 2006 in BITS, Pilani. The festival is organized annually in the month of February. Events of this festival include:

  • Corporate: An event to tests the skills of future entrepreneur
  • Programmer’s Inc: An event to test the coding and programming capacity of the students.
  • Elixir: An event for young scientists who think differently, involves mathematical quiz and quark national quiz.

Many other events include Electrify, Robofocial,  Design & Build, Open Showcase, Burnout. A special event of this festival is BITSMUN (BITS Model United Nation) which aims to impart knowledge on matters related to civics, current affairs, public speaking, globalization and multilateral diplomacy.The festival organises several workshops to enhance the technical understanding of the students; some of these include Swarm robotics, Adobe flex and cypress semiconductor etc. Several exhibitions of the event include DRDO, CSIR and ISRO. Other than technical events, there are many informal events  as well:

  • 3 D Chess
  • Hit the Hammer
  • Amazing Race
  • Crime Scene Investigation

Social Responsibility of this fest is to promote blood donation and reduce the fear in the society related to blood donation.Quark, BITS Pilani has collaborated with Indian Red Cross Society to spread the light of awareness.

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