Aavartan’16 NIT Raipur cultural festival 1st-2nd October 2016


College Name – NIT Raipur

Event Name – Aavartan 2016

Event dates – 1st-2nd October 2016

All the theories and formulae boils down to one most crucial thing in engineering- Application. This ideology forms the basis of an occasion which lets the engineer in every student fly and air the spark within. And we have named it as “Aavartan”. It is a two day annual symposium of NIT Raipur, by far the largest Techfest of central India, by some standards.

Aavartan is the celebration of engineering, science and technology organized wholly and solely by the students of NIT Raipur. Thus, one cannot go wrong with the level of enthusiam shown by the young engineering population and the resulting magnificient fire from the aired spark.

Meticulously planned events, enticing guest lectures and modern workshops makes Aavartan a hard to miss event. And if that is not all, Aavartan also sees itself as a socially responsible entity by encouraging and undertaking various social causes every year, like this time around it is; Cyber Security.

This is the edition of Aavartan and is planned to be bigger and better than before. One can definitely expect an altogether new spin to things already done and something far more amazing like never seen before.

We are all sorrounded by Technological Inventions and advancement and, to explore this world of technology The TechnoCracy-Students Technical Committee of NIT RAIPUR presents more than 40 events.We have divided Events into four categories Megaevents, Knowledge Boosters, Challenges and Online Events.All the events under these categories are extracted from major engineering domains and to make it funfilled we have exciting fillers waiting for you this year.For Event details stay tuned and wait for our main website this July 2016.

VIGYAAN is a natioanl level science exhibition conducted every year with 10+ domains.Each domain has a set of problem statements which can be solved by students from any college/school.Top three teams from each domain are awarded cash prize and certificates while participation certificate will be given to all.

Workshops organized in Aavartan are conducive for enriching the scholars with the latest technologies, softwares, application development programs, coding & Web Development languages and much more mesmerizing stuff such as IoT.By all odds, these workshops instill the requisite knowledge needed to surmount the respective fields of interest. Besides, they bestow us with the serendipitous opportunities to interact with the professionals in those domains, which further enhance the lucidity of concepts and their implementation in the real time world.

Guest Lectures
Guest Lectures are an indelible part of Aavartan 2016. In this technical confluence, eminent academicians, scientists and entrepreneurs share their experiences with the budding technocrats.It kindles their creativity and knowledge beyond the limitations of the ordinary. This will certainly be an icing on the cake of Aavartan 2016 as it will enable the young minds to deglutition great lectures commixed with a lot of motivation.

Everything from traffic lights & trains to database & communication is predicated on functional supercomputer technology. Since, so much of the technology depends on networking & interconnectivity, our dependence on computer technology has created openings to predators to mutilate our treasured systems. The potential damage that such a mishap could cause, ranges from troubling to catastrophic.When you consider the implications of those risks it’s no wonder that cyber security has taken up the forefront, serving as an antidote to the prevalent cyber threat. Hence, AAVARTAN 2016 brings out to you, its social cause: CYBER SECURITY IT SECURITY.

Mega Shows
Tech show is the major attraction and much anticipated event of Aavartan. It marks the end of the two days long technical extravaganza. It is a perfect blend of science, technology and entertainment. It aims to provide exposure to the breakthroughs in technology with the amalgamation of fun and excitement. Breaking the barriers between past and future, tech show has always provided a platform to see what the world has achieved and is trying to achieve through the technological advancements.

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