8 obsolete and weird laws in India


Our country India has quite a few strange laws that might force you to think a little harder, as they make no sense in the present social scenario.

The Indian laws were created and implemented long ago by the British according to the cultural standards in the 19th century. However, since our independence, the various governments at the centre should have taken steps to amend these laws to make them in sync with the present times.

Here, are some crazy laws that might leave you with fits of laughter.

1Censor on Internet Law

We do have a law to prevent obscene and inappropriate content displayed on the websites. But, it is practically impossible to filter content in cyber space.

2Suicide in India is legal

Yes, you read it right. If one chooses to end his life it is legal. But, if the attempt is not successful the government will punish and he/she might have to serve a term in jail.

3The land acquisition law

Our Indian government can acquire land from the landlords for public purposes or public welfare schemes like building schools or Hospitals. This law was introduced by the British in the 19th century.

4Different States in India have a different legal drinking age

In Goa & Sikkim it is legal to consume alcohol at the age of 18. However, in Delhi and Maharashtra you need to be 25 years and above.

5You need to have good teeth for selection as an inspector in Andhra

You need to have excellent teeth if you wish to have apply as an inspector in Andhra Pradesh. We really wonder how important your teeth can be during the recruitment.

6No third child law in Kerala

Yes one will have to pay a penalty to the government if they have a third child. With the population growing at an alarming rate in the country, this law might help.

7Same gender relationship is illegal

According to the Indian law under the section 377, same gender cannot have an objectionable relationship which is terms as “against the law of Nature”.

8The Telegraph Act

The telegraph was used to transmit information through long wires, creating signals with electrical connections. Who uses this these days?? Wake up its 2015.

India is a developing country, and we welcome all the changes. We will also be happy with some amendments in the Indian laws.
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