7 Easy Ways to Improve Your Employability While Still in Graduation Final Year

7 Easy Ways to Improve Your Employability While Still in Graduation Final Year
Graphical representation of a fresher graduate applying for a job. Image source: guillaumeerard.com
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In a crowd of lakhs of graduates every year, one ought to have a unique presence to be able to be chosen in an organization.

As a final-year student, you are left with only one year to give yourself an edge. The final year requires lot more than you thought you would need, to get your dream job. We bring you eight tips to enhance your employability and outshine others in your quest to finding a good job. Thank us later!


First, to be able to pursue the interviewer on how can you prove to be an asset to the organization you must know yourself better. Your strengths and weaknesses, performance under pressure and many other things. Identify and develop the areas of strength that will set you apart from others. You can talk about these strengths and put yourself in a much better position hence proving yourself as a valuable employee for an organization.


In the interview, you will not be asked about your grades, but your academic projects. They hold a prime importance in any interview. Your project gives you the latitude to put your theoretical knowledge to actual practice. Therefore, you must be thorough with all your projects and the basics/ principles behind them. The selectors want to get the idea of your practical knowledge hence it is recommended that you do your projects yourself.


Students tend to focus only on enhancing the academic excellence and ignore other aspects of selection. You don’t have to be a topper to get a job in a top company. Your overall personality is what that will count. Your way of representing yourself as an independent individual, your opinions on various issues.


Recruiters look for curiosity and perseverance. As a student, a good way to prove achievements is by showcasing the work you have done in internships or what kind of experience do you own. Take part in technical training to develop practical skills. These experiences help you to work in a team, develop creative thinking. Try to get practical experience in multiple domains and not just technical. Improve your communication skills, area of logical reasoning, aptitude.


Technology is evolving at a very fast pace hence being an expert of the field you must update yourself on regular basis of the technological advancements. Remember, your education does not stop after graduation. Try to widen your knowledge base. Read newspapers, books, blogs, news articles, etc. regularly.


Get in touch with professionals who do what you want to do. Spread your network through online and social media. Websites like LinkedIn give you a good opportunity to network in a professional manner. This will open opportunities and you get to learn from mistakes and success stories of other people in your network.


Get yourself registered on various platforms like naukri.com, monter.com etc. to find the appropriate job which suits you best. Keep checking these websites and newspapers for internships or full time job opportunities. Do not forget to keep your resume updated with the latest you have been doing.

All these aspects are to be kept in mind to enhance your chances for employability and stand out of the crowd. We wish you all the success!


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