4 Vocational courses of the future in Australia for Indian students


Better job prospects and high standard of living available overseas makes many people take the decision to work abroad. It is a life changing decision and needs extensive research of suitable place and present opportunities.

Australia is one of the most preferred destinations. It offers good economic growth, low unemployment, high salaries and laid-back lifestyle to the immigrants. Hence, it has become world’s leading emigrant destination.

Australian universities and institutes offer myriad of courses. Cost of these courses varies considerably. In terms of employability, there are some courses always in demand by the Australian employers. Pursuing a course in demand ensures better job prospects. Some vocational courses are foreseen to be progressively more in demand in future.

Listed below are 4 great vocational courses of the future for Indian students in Australia:


Australian health care industry is globally recognized as one of the best in class. Hence, health care services are in high demand in Australia. This profession makes it to the long term occupation list every year. More and more visas are granted to qualified nurses every year. Nurse practitioner, aged care registered nurse and surgical nurse are some of the nursing professions in demand. Australia offers two main nursing professions. These are:

  • 0.5 year Diploma of Nursing
  • 4 year Bachelor of Nursing

The former is offered my many TAFE institutes can be a trail to become registered nurse. Students doing the later can work as registered nurses.

Sustainable development

Humans are finally enlightened about the ill impacts of erroneous usage of technology. Global warming and other factors have resulted in large scale devastation of Earth.  Hence, development of sustainable approaches towards present technologies has come in trend.

The courses in this industry permits students to learn technical aspects related to engineering, chemical, environmental and other technical analyses and simultaneously usage of these in the development of sustainable programs within industries and organizations.

Electro instrumentation

With technology stepping in, more and more processes are being accomplished using machines.  With increasing machine automated occupations, electro instrumentation has gained popularity in past decades and is predicted to reach heights in near future. Hand labor is gradually being replaced by robots due to the cost efficiency. For example- in past year, assembly of car parts was done manually. But in present scenario 99% of manufacturing work is robot controlled.

Fixing and controlling the programming of these machines and robots is the job of electro instrumentation technicians. Common work places of these electro instrumentation technicians include:

  • Mining sites
  • Power Plants
  • Manufacturing Industries

Computer programming

This industry is the leading industry with about 100,000 ICT professionals (Computer network and systems engineers, ICT business analysts, system analysts, software engineers, an analyst and developer programmers) requirements in the span of next six years.

This sector will help you learn Java and C-sharp and other popular programming languages. Diagnosing and debugging a site for flaws and errors, comprehending and applying the principals of object-oriented programming are some other facets that this program teaches.

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