Top 5 in demand courses in Australia to easily find a job/employment!


Australian universities and institutes offer myriad of courses. Cost of these courses varies considerably. In terms of employability, there are some courses always in demand by the Australian employers. Pursuing a course in demand ensures better job prospects.

Given below are top 5 in demand courses in Australia to find a job/employment easily:

1. Engineering

With rapid growth of technology, Engineering is an industry that never goes out of demand. In Australia, growth in this industry is massive, especially in the fields like civil infrastructure manufacturing, mining and defense. As per last year, the figures released by Department of Australia Immigration say there were about 2,174 vacancies.

Qualification needed to be an engineer is a 4 year Bachelors course. This course is offered by many Australian universities and can cost up to AUD $20,000.

2. Nursing

Australian health care industry is globally recognized as one of the best in class. Hence, health care services are in high demand in Australia. This profession makes it to the long term occupation list every year. More and more visas are granted to qualified nurses every year. Nurse practitioner, aged care registered nurse and surgical nurse are some of the nursing professions in demand. Australia offers two main nursing professions. These are:

  • 0.5 year Diploma of Nursing
  • 4 year Bachelor of Nursing

The former is offered my many TAFE institutes can be a trail to become registered nurse. Students doing the later can work as registered nurses.

3. CS / IT

This industry is the leading industry with about 100,000 ICT professionals (Computer network and systems engineers, ICT business analysts, system analysts, software engineers, an analyst and developer programmers) requirements in the span of next six years. The statistics released by Department of Australia Immigration reveal that there are 5,662 available spots in software and app programmers alone.

Qualification needed is a 4 year Bachelors course. This course is offered by many Australian universities.

4. Carpentry

Carpentry is a profession that very few of Australian students opt. Shortage of students pursuing this profession makes demand of the international students pursuing this profession high. Graduate work visa after graduation comes easy to those who study this course in Australia.

A Cert III in Carpentry has to be studied in order to become a professional carpenter. In Brisbane, Sydney, Melbourne and Perth this course is offered. Being a vocational course, carpentry is cheaper as compared to other university courses.

5. Childcare

With more and more working woman, there is a rapid growth in the industry of childcare. Last few decades have experienced exponential growth in the number of children going to childcare. This number is expected to be growing in the next few years. Hence, the demand of professionals in this industry is sky scraping.

There are many vocational and university course available for childcare.

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