Cheapest courses/colleges in Melbourne for Indian students


The cultural and sporting capital of Australia, Melbourne, is the second largest city of Australia. The four million people residing in the city are legitimate lovers of both arts and sports. The city is also well known for its night life and finest dining. Melbourne is one of the most livable cities in the world from economist’s point of views.

The weather changes in Melbourne are expectant and the city is also known for having “four weathers in a day”. Melbourne too like Canberra has low unemployment rates and hosts many industries including that of aviation, education, information and communication, building and construction, nursing and healthcare and finance. There are excellent career advancements in the city.


  • Trams are the highlights of Melbourne but train and bus services are also available in the city. The Public Transport Victoria network is well linked to the universities.
  • A person needs to possess his own Myki, a single travel card that works on trams, train and buses, to use public transport. Another attractive feature is that all international students are entitled to an iUSEpass which permits students to obtain Myki at a discounted price. Annual Myki costs INR 79,950, however international students can obtain it with an iUSEpass at a discounted rate of INR 39,975 only.
  • Within city centre trams are free and a 24/7 service of public transport is provided even on weekends.


In comparison to other states of Australia, Melbourne is an expensive city to live in. hence, options should be explored carefully keeping in mind your budget.

Cheapest course options for studying in Australia in Melbourne are:

1. Diploma of business

This course is designed to inculcate business related skills such as delivering customer service, maintaining financial records and producing business documents. Developing these skills along with other soft skills enhance your job prospects drastically. An understanding of human resource and public relation principles are some additional expertise that this course provides.

This 6 months long course approximately costs AUD $3500.

IELTS preparation

IELTS is a standardized English proficiency test conducted to test English proficiency of students from non English speaking countries. The coaching for IELTS stars every 5 weeks.

The course takes up approximately 1-52 weeks (10 weeks for an increment in band by .5) and costs $218.00 AU per week.

2. VOCATIONALCertificate IV Business

Thinking of a career in Business? This course is a perfect option for those aspiring to enter business world as clerical or administrative officers.  Meeting entry job requirement is a pre requisite; this course helps you inculcate skills to do so.

This 6 months long course will cost up to $3500.00 AU (Approximately $150.00 AU per week).

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