8 Fields with exploding job opportunities for Indian students in Australia


Better job prospects and high standard of living available overseas makes many people take the decision to work abroad. It is a life changing decision and needs extensive research of suitable place and present opportunities.

Australia is one of the most preferred destinations. It offers good economic growth, low unemployment, high salaries and laid-back lifestyle to the immigrants. Hence, it has become world’s leading emigrant destination.

Listed below are 8 fields with great job opportunities for Indian students in Australia:

1. Teachers and lecturers

Recent estimation says that Australia is in great demand of number one occupation sub-type i.e. secondary school teachers. Last year’s figures from the Department of Australia Immigration runs as follows:

  • 8,032 spots for secondary school teachers
  • Early Childhood (Pre-primary) which is 1,822
  • Special Needs teachers which is 1,126 spots.

Post-qualification in this sector is not mandatory but can give you an edge.

2. Engineering

With rapid growth of technology, Engineering is an industry that never goes out of demand. In Australia, growth in this industry is massive, especially in the fields like civil infrastructure manufacturing, mining and defense. As per last year, the figures released by Department of Australia Immigration say there were about 2,174 vacancies.

3. Digital / IT specialists

This industry is the leading industry with about 100,000 ICT professionals (Computer network and systems engineers, ICT business analysts, system analysts, software engineers, an analyst and developer programmers) requirements in the span of next six years. The statistics released by Department of Australia Immigration reveal that there are 5,662 available spots in software and app programmers alone.

4. Advertising work force

Requirement for diverse digital marketing strategies for diverse businesses has increased over the years due to expansions in technology. Hence, qualified marketing professionals and specialists are in great demand in Australia.

5. Real estate and infrastructure management

With large infrastructure projects, commercial developments and high rise residential projects going on, there is a sky-scraping demand of expert professionals and specialists in his field. A total of 5,289 spots for construction managers were allocated in the year 2016-17. A post qualification is prerequisite in this industry.

6. Finance Professionals

Statistics show that the sector is foreseen an upsurge of 21,400 in next few years. The reason presented is the downturn in positions from the GFC. A\in the fields of accounting and finance, strong competition with a minimum requirement of 60 points are to be seen.

7. Healthcare and nursing

This industry has always seen a shortage. Hence, nurses and midwifes are a popular choices for migrant nurses. Applicants from countries not recognized by Australian system must undertake Competency assessment courses before applying for visa. Engagement with an employer willing to sponsor a four-year working visa for the applicant in Australia is necessary.

8. Skilled craftsmen

Growth in this sector is foreseen in next 5 years in this sector experiencing large skill deficiency. 9,345 spots for electricians were allocated by Department of Australian Immigration.

With an allocation of 5000 spots, metal fitters and machinists, carpenters, motor mechanics, and plumbers are in high demand too.

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