Top 8 IELTS Speaking Test Do’s and Don’ts to get Band 8+ Score


The IELTS Speaking section test seeks to assess the use of spoken English. Its duration ranges between 11 and 14 minutes. Every test is recorded and later examined by the examiner. Here, in this article, We’ve put together our top 8 do’s and don’ts so that you can avoid all those mistakes that other candidates make.

1It’s not a test of your knowledge

You don’t have to know facts about the topics the examiner asks you; you just have to talk about your opinions and impressions.

2Ask for clarification occasionally, if needed

If you don’t understand, don’t be afraid to ask the examiner to rephrase or repeat the question.

3Do not learn or memorize preset answers to questions

It’s very easy to spot a student who is reciting memorised full answers. The examiner will certainly lower your score or move on to another question.

4Do not presume – listen to the examiner’s questions carefully

Don’t just “guess” what the examiner is going to say from the first few words. Make sure you listen carefully so your answer is relevant.

5Develop your answers – don’t just say ‘yes’ or ‘no’

By adding a little extra information, reasons and examples to support your opinions, you will score higher.

6Include personal anecdote, and stories in your part II monologue

It gives your talk a more authentic and colourful feel, and helps to hold the examiner’s interest.

7Never ask the examiner to change a topic, even if you don’t feel comfortable with it

You have to talk about the topic he or she selects – those are the rules


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