NEET may affect MHT CET Counselling 2016 for engineering seats: Know how!

Students may now freeze, float and slide between college & branch during the counselling process.


MHT-CET results are scheduled to be announced on 1st June. Thereafter, counselling will start and students may seek admission to their desired engineering college and branch. However, college authorities fear that the seats of top engineering colleges might get blocked by ‘students on sitting the fence’ i.e. students who chose both medical and engineering (PCMB students) as their career option. These students may block an engineering seat at a top engineering college as a backup, until they get a desired medical seat.

The CET counselling will end by July 31st, which is much before the NEET counselling starts. A new admission process has been introduced, which will allow students to “FREEZE, SLIDE & FLOAT” between college and branches.

This new admission process is introduced with the agenda to ensure that students get more options if they are not satisfied with the college or branch allocated in the first round. Once, first round counselling is complete students will have 3 options –

  • Freeze
  • Slide
  • Float

Example for Freeze –

If a student is allotted admission to computer science branch in a particular college and he is happy with it then he can confirm his admission by opting freeze.

Example for slide –

If a student is allotted admission to Electronics branch in a particular college and he is happy with college but not with the branch then he can use the option of slide. This means he wants to study in that particular college but, with a different branch.

Example for Float –

Students can use the option of float, if they prefer another college & a different branch. Though the new admission process is supposed to provide more options for students, however, with NEET counselling commencing long time after CET counselling, the students who choose to have a backup seat in engineering may spoil the chances for ‘engineering only’ students. We would also suggest students who miss a seat in their desired college, to get in touch with colleges directly for lapsed or vacant seats after the counselling has finished.

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