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8 reasons of australia student visa rejection and refusal

8 Reasons of Australia Student Visa Rejection & Refusal for Indian Students

Annually, thousands of students migrate to Australia for study purposes. An even a larger number of student visa applications are lodged with the high commission where they are scrutinised and filtered...
Tips for IELTS listenting band 8+ score

Secret 7 Step Strategy for IELTS Listening to get Band 8+ Score

It’s generally believed that the candidates cannot do anything to elevate their IELTS band score in a short period of time. Webeg to differ and do believe that with enough determination,...

Australia Student Visa – IELTS Band Requirements

The students who are thinking of studying, living or working overseas in English speaking countries must appear for an English proficiency test. International English Language Testing System (IELTS) is a standardized...
3 Steps to Write an Effective Introduction in IELTS Writing Task 2

3 Steps to Write an Effective Introduction in IELTS Writing Task 2

First impression is often considered as the last impression. The same applies to task 2 in IELTS Writing exam. A good introduction earns you great credibility for your essay. Following are some...