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Mar 15, 2017
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On this thread i have uploaded high quality notes/ebook for the subject Structural Analysis 2. It is a very important subject of the course and i am sure these notes will help you prepare well for the semester exams.

Topics Covered in Structural Analysis 2 Notes, eBook:

Module, I - Introduction to Force and Displacement methods of structural analysis, Analysis of continuous beam and plane frame by slope deflection method and moment distribution method.

Module,II - Analysis of continuous beam and simple portals by Kani's method, Analysis of two pinned and fixed arches with dead and live loads, suspension cable with two pinned stiffening girders.

Module, III - Plastic Analysis: Plastic modulus, shear factor, plastic moment of resistance, load factor, plastic analysis of continuous beam and simple rectangular portals, Application of upper and lower bound theorems

Module, IV - Matrix method of analysis: flexibility and stiffness method, Application to simple trusses and beam

These notes on Structural Analysis 2 can be downloaded by clicking on the pdf icon below.


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