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  1. Ranjith.ds

    Structural design pdf download of ebook/notes for civil

    Hi friends Here i am uploading some high quality notes for the subject Manufacturing science and technology 2. These notes are really good and will definitely help you prepare well for this subject's semester exam. All the best.1 Topics Covered: Module-I Properties of concrete and...
  2. Ranjith.ds

    Structural Analysis 2 lecture notes/handout pdf download civil

    Hi friends On this thread i have uploaded high quality notes/ebook for the subject Structural Analysis 2. It is a very important subject of the course and i am sure these notes will help you prepare well for the semester exams.1 Topics Covered in Structural Analysis 2 Notes, eBook: Module, I...

    32 Project topics and ideas for structural engineering BE/BTech students

    Dear Colleagues from Structural Engineering Here I am sharing some project topics and ideas for your engineering project. I have carefully collated these topics from various sources which include several research papers, journals and latest technology blogs and websites.1 I hope this list will...
  4. N

    Ebook & Notes - Structural Analysis II - pdf download for civil engineers

    Hi Friends, download the Ebook & Notes for the subject Structural Analysis II in the PDF format for CIVIL Engineers. This guided ebook will help you understand the following topics. Topics covered in this STRUCTURAL ANALYSIS notes/eBook:1 Basis for the Analysis of Indeterminate Structures...