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Hi friends, here you can find some important questions for the subject Power Electronics. These questions will help you prepare better for your semester exams.

Short answer type questions.

  1. State the functions of latching and holding recurrent in thyristors
  2. Explain the di/dt and dv/dt feature of a thyristors
  3. How the voltage across the commutating capacitor in reversed in a commutating circut
  4. Explain basic single phase half wave controlled rectifier
  5. Explain why a separate free wheeling diode is not in case of single phase full wave half controlled rectifier.
  6. List the applications of parallel inverter?
  7. Explain the difference between class A, class B and class C chopper.
  8. Explain the features of cyclo converter?
  9. What is the role of chopper is power electronic ckts ?
  10. How speed control of full wave drive is managed?
  11. Explain the role a cyclo converters in ac drives .
  12. Compare the features of offline UPS and online UPS
  13. Explain the functions of smart UPS
  14. Explain the features of PUT
  15. Explain the role of heat sink used in thyristors based circuits.
Long answer type questions:
  1. Describe the operation of a single phase wave controlled rectifiers with resistive load.Draw neat circuit diagram.
  2. Explain the principle and operation of stepup and stepdown choppers.
  3. Explain with example, thyristorised control of Electric Drive. (any one example)
  4. Draw the VI characteristic of UJT and explain in detail.
  5. Write short note on: a)Thyrister based battery charger circuit b)Principle of DIAC
I hope the above questions on Power Electronics are of help to you.
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I want to thanks studynama team for providing this amazing question bank for Electronics engineering students :)
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