[PDF] Engineering Chemistry Notes, eBook for 1st Year Engg.

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Here are the lecture notes/eBook for the subject - Engineering chemistry for first year engineering students. This subject is common for all branches for the first year engineering students. This eBook of Engineering chemistry is in PDF format which is easily downloadable.

The following topics are covered in this notes/eBook for Engineering Chemistry which is divided in 2 parts:

Engineering Chemistry I for 1st Year Engg. Modules:
Unit 1: Water Technology
Unit 2: Polymers And Composites
Unit 3: Surface Chemistry
Unit 4: Non Conventional Energy Sources And Storage Devices
Unit 5: Engineering Materials

Engineering Chemistry II for 1st Year Engg. Modules:
Unit 1: Electro Chemistry
Unit 2: Corrosion And Corrosion Control
Unit 3: Fuels And Combustion
Unit 4: Phase Rule And Alloys
Unit 5: Analytical Techniques

You can easily download these notes/eBook for Engineering Chemistry by clicking the download link below. If you Like these study notes, please HIT the LIKE button to show your appreciation. Cheers :)


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I tried to download these files from your site bt the Downloader keeps showing retrying and nothing downloads[/QUOTE]