Optical fibre communication important question/question bank for ECE


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Below you can find some important questions for the subject Optical fibre communication. These questions will help you prepare better for your semester exams.


  • Very Short Answer type questions

  1. Snell's law
  2. Pin diode
  3. Doping
  4. Attenuation
  5. Optical frequency range
  6. fit rate
  7. Refractive index
  8. Dark current
  9. Laser
  10. Spontaneous emission
  11. Optical connector
  12. Quantum efficiency
  13. Responsivity
  14. Absorption
  15. Dynamic response of LED
  16. Fiber couplers
  17. Acceptance angle
  18. Dispersion

  • Short answer type questions.

  1. Explain laser oscillation.
  2. What are the application of optical fiber communication system.
  3. Write a short note on optical switches.
  4. What is the role of photo diode in OFC?
  5. Explain in brief about bending losses.
  6. Describe APD in detail.
  7. Write a note on fusion splicing method.
  8. Explain optical digital link.
  9. What are the properties of a good connector?
  10. Explain the block diagram of optical fiber comm.
  11. What is the principle of operation of distributed feedback laser.
  12. What are the disadvantages of OFC system?
  13. Explain in brief the performance characteristics in photo diode.
  14. Write a short note on population inversion.
  15. Write a short note on Micro bending.

  • Long answer type questions

  1. Explain the operation of LED. Also explain different types of LED's and its different structures.
  2. Explain in detail different type of losses in OFC.
  3. What do you mean by Optical splicing.
  4. Write a note on nonlinear scattering losses.
  5. Define dispersion. What are its different types? How these affect the working of optical fibre communication system.
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Friends, I found optical fibre question bank here ..You all should try it too !!
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