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  1. Ranjith.ds

    Optical fibre communication important question/question bank for ECE

    Hi friends Below you can find some important questions for the subject Optical fibre communication. These questions will help you prepare better for your semester exams.1 QUESTIONS: Very Short Answer type questions Snell's law Pin diode Doping Attenuation Optical frequency range fit rate...
  2. niru-yadav

    HC Verma physics solutions - chapter 19 - Optical Instruments pdf download

    HC Verma is one of the most important physics book for students preparing for the JEE mains/advanced and other engineering entrance examination. This book teaches you concepts in a subtle manner and then tests you with some tricky questions. To answer these questions you need to have thorough...
  3. cool.sardar

    Satellite & Optical Fiber System quick revision PDF notes, book, eBook for BTech Electronics Engineering - Free Download

    Hello BTech Electronics (ECE/EC/ET) Engineering students, I have shared these amazing lecture notes, book/eBook for the subject - Satellite & Optical Fiber System as per the BTech Electronics Engineering course curriculum. These PDF notes, eBook on Satellite & Optical Fiber System will help you...