Microwave and Radar Engg. important question/question bank for ECE


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Below you can find some important questions for the subject Microwave and Radar Engg.. These questions will help you prepare better for your semester exams.


  • Very Short Answer type questions.

  1. What is frequency range of X band?
  2. Define waveguide.
  3. Draw shape of circular wave guide.
  4. TEM stands for______.
  5. _____ mode is impossible in a wave guide.
  6. Define guide wavelength.
  7. Define E- Bends.
  8. What is use of Isolator?
  9. Define Variable attenuator.
  10. Define vacuum tubes.
  11. Klystron tube is widely used as _____ at microwave frequencies.
  12. TWT stands for _______.
  13. Draw structure of Horn antenna.
  14. D layer is at a height of _______.
  15. Define unambiguous range.
  16. Expand FMCW.
  17. Name any most common type of radar display.
  18. VSAT stands for ____________.

  • Short answer type questions

  1. What are applications of microwave frequencies?
  2. Why wave guides are used for higher frequencies?
  3. Write expression for propagation constant of a rectangular wave guide.
  4. Write a short note on "slotted section".
  5. What are Tees? What are different types of Tees?
  6. What is the use of Twists in microwave components?
  7. Explain the basic concepts of thermionic emission and vacuum tube.
  8. Explain the effect of transit time on high frequency performance of conventional vacuum tube.
  9. What are applications of reflex Klystron?
  10. Write a short note on "Gunn diode".
  11. What are different applications of Horn antennas?
  12. Explain troposphere and its properties.
  13. Explain the radar range equation.
  14. Write a short note on "PPI".
  15. What are different multiple access techniques?

  • Long answer type questions

  1. What is microwave? Classify microwave on the basis of its frequency bands.
  2. Explain Microwave circulator with the help of suitable diagram. Also write applications of microwave circulator.
  3. Explain characteristics and working of Multi-cavity magnetron.
  4. Draw and explain the block diagram of microwave communication link.
  5. Draw and explain block diagram of MTI radar system.
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Thank you studynama for providing these amazing question bank !!
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