MBA cost/management accounting project report & analysis in health care industry


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Feb 19, 2015
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Please find attached MBA cost/management accounting project report & analysis in health care industry. I am sharing a brief abstract of the project for your reference.

Economic constraints are one of the major limitations on the quality of health care even in India's urbanized cities. Quality improvement demands optimizing the existing facilities within available resources. In addition, the cost of medical services has risen dramatically in the past decade. This has laid a lot of importance to understand the actual cost of providing medical services.Cost control is a series of steps that a business uses to maintain proper control over its costs. Implementing this level of control can have a profound positive impact on profits over the long term. It is well known that there has been a dramatic increase in cost of medical technology over the past decade which has led to an overall increase in healthcare cost. This cost control analysis is not aimed to trim the quality or quantity of services provided to a patient, rather it is aimed at increasing the performance efficiency of the entire radiology department. Cost analysis also helps in assessing the efficiency and effectiveness of each component (functionary) in the production process and their cost implication with a vision to contain cost.

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