Electrical Machine-II important question/question bank for Electrical engineering


Mar 15, 2017
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Below you can find some important questions for the subject
Electrical Machine-II. These questions will help you prepare better for your semester exams.

Very Short Answer type questions

Q.The high speed motors are of ____ type..
Q Define cogging.
Q Yoke of an induction motor .
Q A squirrel cage induction motor
Q Why the induction motors are called asynchronous motor?
Q Stator stampings are made of _______.
Q For record players _______ Motors are suitable.
Q A universal motor has _____ starting torque.
Q The function of the starter .
Q How will you reverse the direction of rotation of induction motor?
Q Scharge motor is used in ______.
Q Linear induction motor gives ______motion.
Q The value of slip of an induction motor at the starting instant is _________.
Q Salient pole synchronous motors runs at ________ speed.
Q Turbo alternators are usually operated at a speed of ________ r.p.m.
Q Which type of induction motor develops higher starting torque?
Q On what factors speed of induction motor depends?

Short answer type questions
Q Why distributed winding is preferred over concentrated winding?
Q What are the advantage of rotation magnetic field?
Q Explain the principle of operation of repulsion motor?
Q Explain the advantages of double cage induction motor.
Q What is crawling? Explain.
Q Explain why is starter core of an alternator is laminated?
Q What do you mean by synchronizing of alternator?
Q Explain some applications of stepper motor.
Q Compare the induction and synchronous motor.
Q What are the advantages of parallel operation of alternator?
Q Define leakage reactance in detail.
Q What are the applications of induction motors?
Q Explain the principle of operation of universal motor.
Q How does capacitor start motor is differ from a resistance start motor?
Q Explain hunting in detail.

Long answer type questions
Q. What do you mean by special purpose machines? Explain in detail.
Q. Explain the principle of operation of shaded pole motor?
Q. Explain the various methods of speed control of induction motor.
Q. Explain the comparison b/w squirrel cage & phase wound induction motor?
Q. Explain the following:-
(a)Split phase induction motor.
(b)Capacitor run motor.
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