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Below you can find some important questions for the subject Electrical Engineering Design and Drawing. These questions will help you prepare better for your semester exams.

QUESTIONS on Electrical Engineering Design and Drawing:
  1. Re-wire able fuse
  2. Siren
  3. Buzzer
  4. Ceiling fan
  5. Fan regulator
  6. D.C. Motor
  7. Zero Adjuster
  8. Motor Starter
  9. Voltmeter
  10. Wattmeter
  11. Earth Point
  12. Flood light
  13. 5 ampere, 3 pin socket outlet
  14. Energy Meter
  15. Main fuse board without switch "Power"
  16. Magnetic Screening
  17. Galvanometer
  18. Manually operated fire alarm.
  19. Draw the wiring diagram to control a 3 phase induction motor by using DOL starter or Draw the wiring diagram for sequence starting of 2 three phase induction motor byusing TDR. 20
  20. Draw wiring diagram and single line diagram showing connection of single phase energy meter; double pole main switch and distribution board for 5 sub circuit. or
  21. Design the main board for a large residential building which should be provided with two double pole iron clad main switch to control state board supply and generator supply respectively. A double pole double throw change over switch for changeover from electricity board supply to generator supply or vice-versa. In which to control 5 single pole MCB & one neutral link.
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