Elect. Power-I / Power system-I important question/question bank for Electrical engineering


Mar 15, 2017
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Below you can find some important questions for the subject
Elect. Power-I / Power system-I. These questions will help you prepare better for your semester exams.

Very Short Answer type questions
Q. The transmission and distribution line expenditure are maximum in ______ power station.
Q The chemical formula for heavy water is ____________.
Q Usually, Primary transmission is done by ac ______ Phase _____ Wire.
Q The higher the transmission voltage ____ is the conductor material required.
Q ACSR stands for ________.
Q For the larger sag _______ tower are required.
Q As the transmission voltage increased the percentage resistance drop _____.
Q If the power factor of the load is improved the line losses are _______.
Q Distribution transformers are usually connected in ________.
Q Feeder is a line conductor which connects ___________.
Q An under excited synchronous motor operate ________ power factor.
Q KVAR= _____tanF.
Q The most important function performed at the substation is ______.
Q Approximate formula for Sag _______.
Q The ratio of average load to maximum load in power system is called _______.
Q The capacitance formed across the metallic link of the disc is called _______ capacitance.
Q Smaller the sag _______ is the tension in the conductor.
Q Lattice steel tower are usually fabricated at ___________.

Short answer type questions
Q What is air pre heater?
Q what are the advantage and dis- advantage of 3 phase AC transmission over DC transmission?
Q Explain how string efficiency is improved?
Q Explain various methods by which we can reduce corona?.
Q Explain ring main system for power distribution.
Q The main consideration while designing a distributor is voltage drop in it, why?
Q What are the merits and demerits of outdoor substation?
Q What are the disadvantages of poor power factor?
Q What are the causes of poor power factor?
Q What is the function of condenser in steam power plant?
Q What do you mean by spill way, where they are used?
Q Define base load and peak load.
Q Define the term penstock and DAM.
Q What are the points keep in mind while selecting the site for hydro power plant?
Q Explain different types of fault occur in underground system.

Long answer type questions

Q. Derive a relation for string efficiency of a three unit string of suspension insulators.
Q. what are the merits and demerits of ACSR conductors over copper conductors used in overhead line?
Q. How power factor affect the cost of power system?
Q. What are the various methods of laying of underground cables?
Q. Draw key diagram of nuclear power plant & explain the functions of various parts.
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