EEEM important question/question bank for Electrical engineering


Mar 15, 2017
Hi friends

Below you can find some important questions for the subject
EEEM. These questions will help you prepare better for your semester exams.

Q Define Conductors.
Q Nome two low resistivity materials.
Q Name materials used for making fuses.
Q Word two applications of Copper.
Q Define surface resistance.
Q Name any four insulating materials.
Q What is superconductivity?
Q Write four active components?
Q Which materials are used in transformer for different parts?
Q What is curie temperature?
Q Which material is used in bulb filament?
Q What is a p type material?
Q Write two industrial applications of GOLD.
Q Which insulating material is using for covering of electrical wires?
Q Define Retentivity.
Q What are alloys?
Q Name various gaseous materials.
Q What is thermosetting material?
Q Classify materials on the bases of energy bands and atomic structure.
Q Explain factors affecting the resistivity of materials.
Q Distinguish between low resistivity and high resistivity materials.
Q What are semiconductors? Explain their properties.
Q Write down properties of Mica & Glass.
Q List a few applications of Paper & Rubber.
Q Explain concept of eddy current and hysteresis loss.
Q Give mechanical properties of hard and annealed aluminum.
Q Explain different types of materials.
Q Explain the construction of carbon compound resistors.
Q Define Plastics give its classifications with applications.
Q What is a thermocouple? Explain its working.
Q Give applications of ceramic materials.
Q Explain semiconductor materials used in manufacture of various semiconductor device.
Q Write short note on Bimetals& Soft ferrites.
Q. Give classification of magnetic materials and explain their properties.
Q. Explain physical, thermal and electrical properties of insulating materials.
Q How hysteresis loop is formed. Discuss coercive force and residual magnetism.
Q .Discuss various engineering materials used in fabrication of electrical machines.
Q. Discuss various alloys used is engineering.
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