Cost/management accounting PGDM project on costing of mobile phones


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Check out this awesome project on cost/management accounting PGDM project on costing of mobile phones. Below is the content and brief about this project report for your reference.

Table of content
  • Company Profile
  • Assembly Process
  • Current Cost Sheet Analysis
  • Suggestions/Improvements on current costing
  • Process based Costing approach
  • Analysis of opportunity Cost
  • Appendix
  • Cost details
Complete Process, Production planning to selling
  • Company performs production planning for the month model wise based on demand and assembly plant capacity
  • Assembly plant caters to multiple products/models and is assembled based on planned assembly runs
  • Company imports SKD, Semi Knocked Down, a kit containing parts needed to assemble mobiles from China
  • Company procures packaging from Indian vendors (domestic purchase)
  • Company does INBOUND QUALITY INSPECTION of SKDs and packaging & sampling in Store
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