Computer programming and application important question/question bank for Electrical engineering


Mar 15, 2017
Hi friends, below you can find some important questions for the subject Computer programming and application. These questions will help you prepare better for your semester exams.

  1. Define low level language.
  2. Define Assembly language.
  3. Define Flow chart.
  4. Define ASCII.
  5. What is a source program?
  6. What is bit?
  7. What is a variable?
  8. An _ in general is a symbol that operates on a certain data type.
  9. Functions in C pass all arguments by value. (True/False)
  10. What is meant by looping?
  11. What is multi- dimensional array?
  12. A ____ is a variable that represents the location (rather than the value) of a data item, such as a variable or an array element.
  13. What is a union?
  14. What is PSPICE?
  15. In terms of declaration syntax, union is similar to ___.
  16. Strings are array of characters i.e. they are characters arranged one after another in memory. (True/False)
  17. What is meant by opening a data files?
  18. Name two different types of data files.

Short answer type questions:
  1. Explain what do you understand by Machine language?
  2. Explain the concept of Interpreter.
  3. Name and describe the four basic data types in C.
  4. What is meant by associativity?
  5. Describe the four relational operators included in C.
  6. How are library functions usually packaged with in a C compiler?
  7. Explain what do you understand by PSIM Software.
  8. What is the purpose of a buffer area when working with a stream oriented data file?
  9. How are one dimensional arrays defined?
  10. How is pointer variable declared? What is the purpose of the data types included in the declaration.
  11. What is structure? How does a structure differ from an array?
  12. How is an array of structure initialized?
  13. How is a union member accessed? How can a union member be processed?
  14. State several advantages to the use of function.
  15. Explain the difference between function declaration and a function definition.
Long answer type questions:
  1. Explain for loop and break statement.
  2. Discuss the software applications in Electrical Engineering.
  3. Write a program that accepts a string and an integer and print the string as many times as the value of the integer. This procedure should continue until the user presses q to quit.
  4. Suppose a function receives a pointer as an argument. Explain how this function is declared with in its calling function. In particular explain how the data type of the pointer argument is represented?
  5. Write short note on any two:- Pointer, High Level language, Logical operator
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