BTech Mechanical Engg. Summer Project on Regenerative Braking System - Free PDF Download


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Feb 19, 2015
Hello Mechanical students,

Check out this project on regenerative braking system.I am sharing a brief on this report below-


Regenerative Braking System is the way of slowing vehicle by using the motors as brakes. Instead of the surplus energy of the vehicle being wasted as unwanted heat, the motors act as generators and return some of it to the overhead wires as electricity.
The vehicle is primarily powered from the electrical energy generated from the generator, which burns gasoline.

This energy is stored in a large battery, and used by an electric motor that provides motive force to the wheels. The regenerative barking taking place on the vehicle is a way to obtain more efficiency; instead of converting kinetic energy to thermal energy through frictional braking, the vehicle can convert a good fraction of its kinetic energy back into charge in the battery, using the same principle as an alternator.

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