Basic Electronics-I important question/question bank for Electrical engineering


Mar 15, 2017
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Below you can find some important questions for the subject Basic Electronics-I. These questions will help you prepare better for your semester exams.

  1. Passive components.
  2. Constant current source.
  3. Atomic structure.
  4. Intrinsic semiconductor.
  5. Doping.
  6. PN junction.
  7. Junction capacitance.
  8. Half wave rectifier.
  9. Filter circuit.
  10. Rectifier efficiency.
  11. Varactor diode.
  12. PNP transister.
  13. Transistor biasing.
  14. h- parameters.
  15. DC load line.
  16. Decibel gain.
  17. Multistage amplifier.
  18. FET.
  19. What are different types of electronic components?
  20. Explain the graphic representation of current and voltage sources.
  21. Explain the effect of temperature on intrinsic and extrinsic semiconductors.
  22. Explain Silicon vs. Germanium for mobility and conductivity.
  23. What is the concept of junction capacitance in forward biased conditions in diode?
  24. Explain half wave rectifier using diodes.
  25. Explain the working characteristics photo diode.
  26. Draw input/output characteristics of common emitter (CE) transistor configuration.
  27. What is the effect of temperature on the operating point of a transistor?
  28. What is need of transistor biasing?
  29. Explain the phase reversal in single stage transistor amplifier.
  30. Write calculation of voltage gain using AC equivalent circuit of single stage transistor amplifier.
  31. What are applications of multi stage amplifier?
  32. What are applications of transformer coupled amplifier?
  33. Comparison between JFET and MOSFET
  34. What is a filter circuit? What are different types of filter circuit? Explain them.
  35. D r a w a n d e x p l a i n i n p u t / o u t p u t characteristics of common base (CB) transistor configurations.
  36. What are different types of transistor biasing circuit? Explain them.
  37. Draw and explain working of direct coupled amplifier.
  38. Explain construction and operation of a p- channel JFET.
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