Workshop technology 1 subject important questions/question bank for Mechanical engineering


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Below you can find a list of important questions for the subject Workshop technology 1. These questions will give you a good idea of what to study and help you prepare well for your semester exams.


1) What is spatter?
2) What is penetration?
3) Write full form of MIG.
4) What is electrode?
5) Define weld bead.
6) What is flux?
7) Define HAZ.
8) What is colour of oxygen cylinder?
9) Name the gases used inTUG welding
10) Name different types of pattern allowance.
11) What is Green Sand?
12) What pressure die casting?
13) State the function of draft allowance.
14) Define core prints
15) Define pattern.
16) Define core.
17) What is binders?
18) Define Plastic.
19) What is forging?
20) What is rolling?
21) What is extrusion?
22) Define recrystallization temperatue.

1. What is moulding sand? Explain one of them.
2. Write down properties of moulding sand.
3. What are typesofd riser?
4. Enlist various pattern allowances.
5. State the function of the core and material used for core making.
6. Types of melting furnance.
7. Name any four press operation
8. How are rolling millsclassified on the baisi of numbers and arragements of rolls?
9. Explain thread rolling.
10.Write the advantages of forging.
11.Give difference between thermosetting and thermoplastic plastics.
12.Differentiate between hot rolling and cold forging.
13.Explain different types of rolling mills/
14.Explain spot welding
15.Types of electrode.
16.Explain coding of electrode.
17.Industrial application of welding.
18.Different types of flame- carburizing flame, oxidizing flame amd neutral flame.
19.Write short note on gas welding torch.
20.Classify welding process.
21.What is bacjward technique of welding?Explain with diagram
22.State the function of flux in arc welding.
23.Differentiate between A.C And D.C arc welding.
24.Draw the symbols of following welds- Seam Weld, Bead weld, Spot Weld, Square Butt.
25.TIG and MIG Welding.

1. Explain TIG welding.
2. Explain welding Defect.
3. Write in details the gas welding equipment.
4. Draw and explain MIG welding technique with its application.
5. Explain Laser beam welding.
6. Explain different welding defect.
7. Explain arc welding.
8. Differentiate between A.C arc and D.C arc welding machine.
9. Describe the pattern allowance with diagram.
10.Explain types of moulding sand
11.Discuss different types of casting defect.
12.Write properties of moulding sand.
13.Differentiate between hot and cold forging.
14.Explain any three methods of cold extrusion.
15.Explain different types of rolling machine.
16.Difference between thermoplastic and thermosetting plastic.
17.Industrial use of plastic.
18.Explain couplafurnance with the help of neat and clean diagram.
19.Different types of pattern.
20.Explain gating system.
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