What is the Difference between Paper Base and Computer Base IELTS Exam


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What is the difference between the paper base and computer base IELTS Exam? Both IELTS preparation Method is same or Different?


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The only difference between IELTS paper and IELTS computer-based test is that: In the paper-based test you are given question papers and answer sheets and you need to write your answers on the answer sheet using either a pen or an HB pencil. And in the computer-based test, test takers are required to take the test on a computer where the test is displayed on their computer screens.
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Hi, good question and very Good Answer.
If you are friendly with computer then Computer-deliver - IELTS is for you, otherwise NOT.
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IELTS has recently introduced computer-based IELTS tastes in few countries. In India IDP has come up with Computer-based IELTS exams in centers like Delhi, Hyderabad, Bangalore etc.

In my opinion, IELTS computer-based would have some edge over the paper-based exams. Few of them are listed below:

Result: computer-based IELTS have 4–5 days time span to declare result compared to 13–14 days in paper-based IELTS.

Writing Module: for a computer savvy person who has good typing speed as compared to writing, will have an advantage. Because most of the immigrant applicant has stayed away from papers due to the work culture. They would be better off typing than writing on the paper. Also, people who have bad handwriting would be advocated to write on computers.

Reading and Listening: few of the question types will simply have options to drag which will save some time.

Less crowded examination center: computer-based IELTS is recently started so there are not many applicants available on the same day mostly there would be 5–25 aspirants. which makes it comfy and convenient writing exams unlike paper based which seems to be chaos with 200–300 aspirants together writing exams.

flexibility: Computer-based Ielts has flexibility and availability all around the month. As compared to paper-based IELTS which used to happen 2–3–4 times in a month, computer-based IELTS can be written more than 15–20 times in a month. which reduces the headache of getting exams slots. Good option for immigrants looking for quick results

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