Transportation Engineering-1 notes/ebook pdf download for civil students

Mar 15, 2017
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Here i am uploading some high quality notes for the subject Transportation Engineering-1. These notes are really good and will definitely help you prepare well for this subject's semester exam. All the best.

Topics Covered in Transportation Engineering-1 Notes/eBook:

Module-I - Transportation by roads, railways, water ways & air ways, their importance& limitation. Road development & planning in India. Financing, Highway alignment & engineering surveys for highway location.

Module-II - Traffic Engineering, Traffic studies & their importance. Highway materials, Their properties & tests, selection, requirements of bituminous mixes, marshall test.

Module-III - Pavement design-Use of CBR method for design of flexible pavement, IRC recommendation for design of rigid pavement. Highway drainage, pavement failure, Evaluation, Maintenance & Strengthening of existing pavement.

Module-IV - Classification of bridges, Consideration of location of bridge site, Investigation & data collection, Calculation of run off under bridge, Determination of water way, Choice of bridge span-economic span, Determination of maximum scour depth.
Bridge Superstructure-types, suitability

These notes on Transportation Engineering-1 can be downloaded by clicking on the pdf icon below.


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