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Feb 19, 2015
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I am sharing with you this excellent summarized eBook notes on Total Quality Management in PDF format. This eBook on Total quality management (TQM) is highly recommended for MBA or management students as it allows you to revise the entire syllabus quickly and prepare well for your exams.

The course content in this eBook/notes of the subject Total Quality Management is as follows:

  • Basic TQM - Concepts Introduction; Development of the Importance of Quality Management; Quality and Public; Factors Affecting Quality; Total Quality Management: Introduction and Principles.
  • TQM Philosophies - Approach to Quality: Deming, Juran, Crosby, Kaizen, Shigeo Shingo, Ishikawa, Taguchi. Concept of Quality Circles.
  • Six Sigma Introductions - Deviation and Standard Deviation; Phases and Defective Units of Six Sigma; Its Importance; Overview of Master Black and Green Belt
  • Leadership - Definition; Characteristics of Quality Leaders; Leadership Concepts; Role of TQM Leaders
  • Customer Satisfaction - Introduction; Customer Perception of Quality; Feedback; Service Quality; Customer Retention Performance Measures
  • Quality Costs - Basic Concepts; Performance Measure Presentation; Appraisal Cost Category; Collection and Reporting; Analysis; Deming Prize; MBNQA
  • Tools and Techniques - Pareto and Process Flow Diagram; Check Sheets and Histograms; Quality Function Deployment; QFD, Team; Design of Experiments; Control Charts; Quality Management Systems; Bench Marking
You can easily download these notes, eBook on the subject Total Quality Management by clicking the download link below.


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