Structural Analysis 1 quick revision PDF Handwritten notes, book for Civil Engg. Second Year


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Hello Civil Engineering students, I am sharing the Structural Analysis 1 PDF hand written class lecture notes, book as per the Civil Engineering Second year course syllabus. These Structural Analysis 1 quick revision notes will help you prepare on the exam day and score good marks.

List of topics covered in Structural Analysis 1 quick revision PDF Hand written class notes, book for Civil Engineering Second Year:

  • Virtual work and Energy Principles: Principles of Virtual work applied to deformable bodies, Strain energy and complementary energy, Energy theorems, Maxwell’s Reciprocal theorem, Analysis of Pin-Jointed frames for static loads.
  • Indeterminate Structures-I: Static and Kinematics indeterminacy, Analysis of Fixed and Continuous beams by theorem of three moments, Effect of sinking and rotation of supports, Moment distribution method (without sway)
  • Indeterminate Structures - II: Analysis of beams and frames by slope Deflection method, Column Analogy method.
  • Arches and Suspension Cables: Three hinged arches of different shapes, Eddy’s Theorem, Suspension cable, stiffening girders, Two Hinged and Fixed Arches - Rib shortening and Temperature effects.
  • Rolling loads and Influence Lines: Maximum SF and BM curves for various types of Rolling Loads, focal length, EUDL, Influence Lines for Determinate Structures- Beams, Three Hinged Arches.
Please click the download link below to get Structural Analysis 1 quick revision PDF Hand written class notes, book file for Civil Engineering Second Year syllabus.


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