Strategic management lecture notes,ebook,pdf download for MBA students


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Hi Fellas,

Check out this superb ebook on Strategic management for MBA and Management students. There are few lecture notes with me that i will share later.The modules covered in this PDF are as follows:

Strategic management

Strategic Planning

Strategic Context and Terminology; Definition of Strategy; Difference between policy, Strategy and Tactic; Difference between Long Range Planning and Strategic Planning; Characteristics of Strategic Decisions

Introduction to Different Approaches to Strategy

Incremental and Emergent Strategies; Implicit and Explicit Strategies; Approaches to Strategic Management; Strategic Implementation; Strategic Evaluation and Control; Planning Process: Feature, Importance, and Steps; Strategic Planning Process; Strategic Planning in the Next Millennium

Strategy Formulation: Environmental Auditing

Environmental Analysis; Environmental complexity; Pestle Analysis; Porter's 5 Force Analysis Strategy Formulation: Strategic Direction

Introduction to Understanding Business

Competitor Analysis; Boston Matrix; International Dimensions of Strategy: Growth, Stability, Profitability, Efficiency, Market Leadership, Survival, Merger, and Acquisition; Core Competence

Strategy Formulation: The Internal Audit

Bench Marking; the Use of McKinsey's 7S Framework; SWOT (Strength, Weakness, Opportunities, and Threats) Analysis; Value Chain Analysis; Scope of Activities and Markets Strategy Implementation

Framework of Strategic Implementation:

Concept, Factors Causing Unsuccessful Implementation of Strategy. Activation Strategy; Structural Implementation; Functional Implementation; Behavioral Implementation; Resource Mobilization and Allocation: Finance, Human Resources, Materials, and Time Strategic Evaluation and Control Strategic Evaluation and




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Thanks for sharing these Strategic management lecture notes PDF document :)
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