Store operations & management pdf,ebook,lecture notes download for MBA stud


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Feb 19, 2015
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This is a awesome ebook on Store operations & management for all the student pursuing management courses or MBA. This ebook is in PDF format for you all to download. You can also find lecture notes and handouts in this section which will really help you during your exams.However, the topics covered in this ebook are as follows:

Store operations & management

Introduction of Store Operations

Introduction; the Logistics Chain; Store Operations; Objectives of the Store Function; Managing the Store Types of Retail Store and its Organization. Retail Store Organization; Centralized and Decentralized Retail Stores; Types of Retail Stores; Location of Retail Store; Site Selection of Retail Store; Merchandise Management in Retail Store; Merchandise Handling in Retail Store.

Store Management and its Operations

Retail Store Operation and Human Resource Management in Retail Store; Store Management Responsibilities; Recruitment Selection and Motivating Retail Store Employees; Retail Store Operation and Financial Dimensions in Retail Store; Asset Management; Resource Allocation; Retail Store Operation Management; Store Format, Size and Space Organization; Retail Store Security; Retail Store Environment and Brand Building

Selecting a Layout and Merchandise Management

Objective of Store Layout Design; Selecting a Layout; Division of Merchandise by Department; Locating Departments Within the Store; Merchandise Management and Principles of Merchandise Management. Space Management

The Cost of Space

Drivers of the Size of the Store; The SMG Model; Impact on Space of Future Changes ; Space Management Methods in Various Sectors; Promoting Space Efficiency in Building Design; Space Utilization.

Store Layout and Design

Store Design with View to Retail Strategy; Constraints While Designing a Retail Store; Layout; Layout Planning; Layout as an Indicator of Competitiveness; Layout Types; Signage and Graphics.

Visual Merchandising:

Meaning and Strategy Meaning of Visual Merchandising; Create Your Retail Store for Target Customers; Retail Strategy for Visual Merchandise; Fixtures and Presentation Techniques. Atmospherics Lighting; Address the Senses; Housekeeping Standards; Store Windows; Creative Displays; Signage; Color; Music; Scent.

Scope and Challenges of Visual Merchandising

The Scope of Visual Merchandising; Regional Supermarkets With a Difference; Visual Merchandising for Seasonal Sales; Interactive Windows; Consumer Behavior and its Influence; Challenges for Organic Retailers; Specific Shop Facings Attract Different Customer Segments.