SSC CGL 2020 Tier 2 previous year solved question paper with solutions PDF download


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Nov 8, 2017
Dear SSC CGL aspirants, Solving previous years' question papers is crucial for all SSC CGL aspirants as it helps them get an idea of the exam pattern and the type of questions asked. It also allows aspirants to gauge their understanding of the concepts and identify areas that require improvement. By regularly solving these papers, aspirants can increase their speed and accuracy in answering questions and build their confidence.

Moreover, some questions from previous years' papers might be repeated or have a similar pattern in the current year's exam, giving aspirants an edge in the competition. Overall, solving previous years' papers is an essential part of the preparation process for the SSC CGL exam and can significantly improve an aspirant's chances of success.

To help you prepare for SSC CGL, I am sharing SSC CGL previous year solved question paper that you could download as PDF file.

The following previous year solved PDF papers for SSC CGL are attached for download:

  • SSC CGL 2019 tier-2 Quant 18th-nov-2020
  • SSC CGL 2019 tier-2 Quant 16th-nov-2020
  • SSC CGL 2019 tier-2 English-18th-nov-2020
  • SSC CGL 2019 tier-2 Eglish-16th-nov-2020
  • SSC CGL 2019 tier-2 English-15th-nov-2020
Simply click each of the download links below to get SSC CGL previous year PDF solved question paper with solutions.


  • ssc-cgl-2019-tier-2-english-15th-nov-2020.pdf
    11.6 MB · Views: 46
  • ssc-cgl-2019-tier-2-english-16th-nov-2020.pdf
    10.4 MB · Views: 22
  • ssc-cgl-2019-tier-2-english-18th-nov-2020.pdf
    10 MB · Views: 17
  • ssc-cgl-2019-tier-2-quant-16th-nov-2020.pdf
    3.2 MB · Views: 29
  • ssc-cgl-2019-tier-2-quant-18th-nov-2020.pdf
    3.1 MB · Views: 20
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