SSC CGL 2019 Tier 1 previous year solved question paper with solutions PDF download


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Nov 8, 2017
Hello SSC CGL aspirant, When preparing for the SSC CGL exam, there are certain things that you should avoid doing. Firstly, procrastination should be avoided as it hinders effective preparation. Secondly, do not skip important topics and cover all the topics in the syllabus. Thirdly, it is crucial to practice enough by solving previous year question papers, online mock tests, and sample papers to improve speed, accuracy, and time management skills.

Fourthly, stay updated with the latest exam pattern, changes in the syllabus, and important notifications. Lastly, do not solely rely on study materials and try to gain practical knowledge as well. By avoiding these mistakes, one can prepare for the SSC CGL exam more efficiently and increase their chances of success.

To help you prepare for SSC CGL, I am sharing SSC CGL 2019 previous year solved question paper that you could download as PDF file.
The following previous year solved PDF papers for 2019 SSC CGL are attached for download:

  • SSC CGL 4th June 2019
  • SSC CGL Tier -1 June 1st -4th 2019
  • SSC CGL Tier -1 June 1st -4th 2019 shift -2
  • SSC CGL Tier -1 June 1st -7th 2019
  • SSC CGL Tier -1 June 1st - 11th 2019
  • SSC CGL Tier -1 June 1st - 12th 2019
  • SSC CGL Tier -1 June 1st - 13th 2019
Simply click each of the download links below to get SSC CGL previous year PDF solved question paper with solutions.


  • ssc-cgl-4th-june-2019-shift-3.pdf
    7.1 MB · Views: 29
  • ssc-cgl-tier-1-04th-june-2019.pdf
    7.8 MB · Views: 12
  • ssc-cgl-tier-1-04th-june-2019-shift-2.pdf
    7.9 MB · Views: 7
  • ssc-cgl-tier-1-07th-june-2019.pdf
    1.1 MB · Views: 9
  • ssc-cgl-tier-1-11th-june-2019.pdf
    4.2 MB · Views: 8
  • ssc-cgl-tier-1-12th-june-2019.pdf
    3.1 MB · Views: 10
  • ssc-cgl-tier-1-13th-june-2019.pdf
    3 MB · Views: 8
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