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Feb 19, 2015
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Hi MBA peers,

You can now download the summary eBook of the MBA subject - Security analysis & portfolio management in PDF format. These lecture notes / summary eBook on Security analysis & portfolio management is as per the MBA syllabus and will help you to quickly revise as well as prepare for your exams.

List of topics covered in Security analysis & portfolio management PDF eBook, Lecture Notes:

> Overview of Investment: Concept of Investment; Various Investment Alternatives; Application of Investment Alternatives; a Case Study on Investment Alternatives

> Overview of Risk Management: Concept of Risk Management; Analysis of Risk Management; a Case Study on Risk Management Equities in India.Basic of Stocks; Different Types of Stocks; National Stock Exchange; Trading of Equities

> Trading of Securities: Introduction to Markets and their Functions; Development of Securities Market in India; SEBI and its Role in Primary and Secondary Market; SEBI and its Functions; a Case Study on OTCBB

> Analysis and Valuation of Debt and Equity: Introduction to Bonds; Embedded Options; Analysis of Bond, Relationship between Price and Yield; a Case Study on Mirage Resorts: Refunding a Bond Issue, Various Models of Stock Valuation, Concept of Credit Rating, Analysis of Credit Rating Framework, Rationales of Rating; Case Study: Aether Systems - Common Stock Valuation; the Variable Growth Model

> Security Analysis and Valuation: Fundamental and Technical Analysis.Stock Prices Change; its Causes; Effect of Macroeconomics Variable on Stock Market; Difference between Technical and Fundamental Analysis; Company Analysis; Basics and usefulness of Technical Analysis.

> Efficient Market Hypothesis: Introduction; Concept of Market Efficiency; Tests of Efficient Market Hypothesis; Case Study: EBay- Stock Market Efficiency.

> Portfolio Management: Introduction to Portfolio Management; Relation between Risk and Return; Optimal Portfolio; Capital Asset Pricing Model; its Valuation and Validity; Case Study: Nations Bank - Valuation: Stock Valuation

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Feb 22, 2015
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Thank you for these amazing lecture notes eBook on Security analysis & portfolio management - super helpful for my exams! :D