Retail marketing research pdf,ebook,lecture notes download for MBA students


Feb 19, 2015
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Hi Friends,

You can now download the ebook of Retail marketing research in PDF format.This is a resource for all MBA and management students.The lecture notes on Retail marketing research is also available on this forum. The topics covered in this ebook are as follows:

Retail marketing research

Marketing Research

Need, nature and scope; complexities of international marketing research; marketing information system (MIS); Organization of international marketing research.

Marketing Research Process

Problem identification; Selection of research design: major issues; emic dilemma.

Secondary and Primary Data

Secondary data sources and uses; online data sources and research; Primary data collection: methods and instruments, Attitude measurement; Sampling plan.

Multivariate Country Data Analysis

Issues and process; Univariate and multivariate data analysis techniques, Research Report Preparation and Presentation; Product research; Advertising research; Ethical issues involved in international marketing research.


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