Research methods in retail pdf,ebook,lecture notes download for MBA student


Feb 19, 2015
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This is a awesome ebook on Research methods for all the student pursuing management courses or MBA. This ebook is in PDF format for you all to download. You can also find lecture notes and handouts in this section which will really help you during your exams.However, the topics covered in this ebook are as follows:

Research methods

Research Process

Fundamentals of Research process; Role of Research in Business Decision Making; Types of Research; Steps in Research Process; Classification of Research Proposal; Contents of Research Proposal; Case Study: Research Proposal.

Research Design

Fundamentals of Research Design: Essentials of Research Design; Different Research Design. Experiment Design; Writing the Research Report: Categories of Reports, Steps of Report Writing, Key Elements, Methods of Report Writing, Formatting, Pilot-Test.


Sources of Market Data; Secondary Data; Survey Data; Consumer Panel; TV Meters; Statistical sampling; Diaries in Social Research; Internet as a Source of Data; Secondary Analysis; Survey; Questionnaire Design: Issues in Questionnaire, Sample Questionnaires.

Data Grouping

Introduction to Data Grouping; Frequency Distribution; Formation of Discrete Series; Formation of Continuous Series; Graphic Presentation of Data; General Rules for Construction of Graphs; Histogram; Frequency Polygon.

Data Analysis

Measures of Central Value: Average, Types of Average, Arithmetic Mean, its Merits and Demerits, Median, its Merits and Demerits; Related Positional Measures: Quartile, Percentile, Decile; Mode: Merits and Demerits; Relationship between Mean, Median and Mode; Measure of Dispersion: Range, Quartile Deviation, Mean Deviation, Standard Deviation, Coefficient of Variance.

Probability and Distribution

Fundamentals of Probability: Concept, Calculation; Theorems: Additional, Multiplication, Conditional Probability; Theoretical Distribution: Binomial Distribution, Poisson Distribution, Normal Distribution.


Introduction to Hypothesis; Types of Hypothesis; Testing of Hypothesis; Z- Test; T-Test; F-Test


Introduction to Correlation; Significance of Correlation; Types of Correlation; Coefficient of Correlation


Introduction to Regression; Uses of Regression; Difference between Correlation and Regression; Regression Equation; Linear & Multiple