Project Planning & Evaluation PDF Notes / eBook / Summary for BBA IP University Students


Feb 5, 2015
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Hi Friends,

I am sharing the Project Planning & Evaluation Notes / Summary for BBA IP University Students - course BBA 304. However, these notes may be used by any BBA student as the syllabus is mostly similar.

Topics covered in Project Planning & Evaluation Notes / Summary PDF file:
  • UNIT I - Overview, Capital Allocation Framework, Strategic Planning and Capital Budgeting, Generation and Screening of Project Ideas, Project Rating Index, Sources of Positive NPV, On being an Entrepreneur.
  • UNIT-II - Market and Demand Analysis, Technical Analysis, Financial Estimates and Projections
  • UNIT III - Risk Analysis- Firm Risk and Market Risk: Portfolio Related Risk Measures, Mean Variance Portfolio Construction, Portfolio Theory and Capital Budgeting, Capital Asses Pricing Model, Developing the Inputs Required for Applying CAPM, Empirical Evidence on Capital Asset Pricing Model, Capital Asset Pricing Model and Capital Budgeting.
  • UNIT-IV - Financing of Projects: Capital Structure, Menu of Financing, Equity Capital , Preference Capital, Internal Accruals, Term Loans, Debentures, Working Capital Advance, Miscellaneous Sources, Raising Venture Capital, Raising Capital In International Markets.
  • UNIT-V - Project Management, Network Techniques: Development of Project Network, Time Estimation (Simple Practical Problem with EST, EFT, LST, LFT, Total Float), Determination of the Critical Path, Scheduling when Resources are limited, PERT Model, CPM Model (Simple Practical Problem of Crashing), Network Cost System.
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