Production Management PDF eBook notes for BBA course


Feb 5, 2015
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Class XI
Hi All, I am sharing Production Management PDF eBook and notes as per the BBA syllabus. These lecture notes on production management subject will give you a quick reference while preparing for your exams.

The topics covered in this Production Management PDF eBook notes for BBA course are:

UNIT I - Meaning and function of production management, role and responsibility of production function in org type of production system continuous, intermittent, job lots etc., plant layout objective type material flow pattern safety consideration and environment aspects.

UNIT II - Production design- definition, importance, factor affecting product design product policy-standardization, simplification, production developments, meaning importance, factor responsible development techniques of product development.

UNIT III - Production planning and control-meaning objective, scope, importance and procedure of production planning, routing, schedule, master production schedule, production schedule, dispatch, follow up, production control-meaning, objectives, factor affecting production control.

Some of the other topics covered in these notes are:
  • Difference between Operations and Production
  • Production System
  • Product design - Phases of product development, Economic analysis of product development, Break-even analysis, Computation of Break-even point, Designing for the customer, Value analysis, Process and capacity analysis, Process performance metrics
  • Productivity
  • Learning curves
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