Principles of Programming Languages ebook/notes for MCA first sem


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Here i am sharing high quality notes of the subject Principles of Programming Languages for MCA students. These notes are clear and concise and will definitely help you prepare well for your semester exams. ALL THE BEST!

Topics covered in this Principles of Programming Languages Notes, eBook for MCA students:

UNIT I: Preliminary Concepts: Reasons for studying, concepts of programming languages, Programming domains, Language Evaluation Criteria, influences on Language design, Language categories, Programming Paradigms, Imperative, Object Oriented, functional Programming, Logic Programming. Programming Language Implementation- Compilation and Virtual Machines, programming environments.

UNIT II: Syntax and Semantics: general Problem of describing Syntax and Semantics, formal methods of describing syntax, BNF, EBNF for common programming languages features, parse trees, ambiguous grammars, attribute grammars, denotational semantics and axiomatic semantics for common programming language features.

UNIT III: Data types: Introduction, primitive, character, user defined, array, associative, record, union, pointer and reference types, design and implementation uses related to these types. Names, Variable, concept of binding, type checking, strong typing, type compatibility, named constants, variable initialization.

UNIT IV: Expressions and Statements: Arithmetic relational and Boolean expressions, Short circuit evaluation mixed mode assignment, Assignment Statements, Control Structures, Statement Level, Compound Statements, Selection, Iteration, Unconditional Statements, guarded commands.

These notes on Principles of Programming Languages for MCA students can be downloaded by clicking on the pdf icon below.


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