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On this thread i am uploading high quality notes for the subject Power systemes engineering 2. These notes can be downloaded easily and will definitely help you prepare well for this subject and it's semester exam. All the best!

Topics covered in Power Systems Engineering - 2 notes, eBook:

MODULE-I - Lines Constants: Resistance, inductance and capacitance of single and three phase lines with symmetrical and unsymmetrical spacing transposition, charging current, skin effect and proximity effect, Performance of transmission Lines: Analysis of short, medium and long lines, equivalentcircuit, representation of the lines and calculation of transmission parameters.

MODULE-II - Corona: Power loss due to corona, practical importance of corona, use of bundled conductors in
E.H.V. transmission lines and its advantages,

MODULE-III - Definition of the load flow problem, Network model formulation, A load flow sample study, Computational aspect of the load flow problem. Gauss siedel and Newton Raphson method for power flow fast decoupled load flow

MODULE-IV - Economic Operation of Power System: Distribution offload between units within a plant, Transmission losses as function of plant generation, Calculation of loss coefficients, Distribution of loads between plants with special reference to steam and hydel plants

This lecture notes file for Power Systems Engineering - 2 can be downloaded by clicking on the pdf icon below.


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